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Hello everyone!

Thank you for checking out the brand spankin' new Paternus Books Media website, command central for all things Paternus.

There's a ton of great new stuff here - never before seen info about the book, updated author's bio page, fantastic new artwork, reader's testimonials, and even a sample chapter!

AND (drum roll please) - the countdown has begun!

On May 1st (May Day! May Day!), Paternus will finally be allowed out in public. You'll find it carousing on Amazon in print and capering through the aisles of all your favorite online bookstores in eBook format (including right here in our Store).

Coming up and to be announced -

  • Cover art (and it's cooool).
  • More sample chapters - one will be posted about every three weeks until the book is released - five chapters in all! See the Calendar under Community for exact dates.
  • Blog.
  • Fully functional Store.

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