My Review of The Hod King by Josiah Bancroft

I was incredibly lucky enough to receive an ARC - thank you Orbit and Josiah Bancroft!

Once again, Josiah Bancroft amazes. With each of the first two novels in The Books of Babel series, I've thought I had gathered at least some idea of the kind of project Bancroft was trying to accomplish and a decent inkling of how it might proceed. And with each book I've been proven wrong--in the best possible way. The writing is superb, the style and narrative are truly daring, and the world is one of the most imaginative I've ever read. With The Hod King, Bancroft demonstrates even more that he can not only deftly scribe the most intimate and poetic subtleties of life, but also craft a pulse-pounding action scene to rival the best. Thank you, Mr. Bancroft, for another brilliant adventure!