Review of M. R. Carey's Fellside

Amazing new effort by Michael Carey. I loved The Girl with All the Gifts and couldn't wait to get started on Fellside. Carey has a real knack for a creating a wide variety of "voices" and POV, and Fellside is very different from Girl in that respect. The narrative and writing style fit the story perfectly (form follows function). Though it was a while before I could really find myself absorbed, and the build has a gradual curve, the effort is well worth it. Grim, flat (not in a bad way), in the beginning, with nearly no characters to actually "like" or root for, there's a thread of impending... something, that drew me further and further into what becomes an almost psychedelic nightmare of characters' bad choices following good following bad and so on, then I DID begin to care about the characters very much, becoming a story of hope that climaxes in a most bizarre but incredibly satisfying manner. And I must say, Fellside has some of the most beautiful closing lines I have ever read. Highly recommended.