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What if myths were real? Which is like Percy Jackson, but this takes it a whole lot further. Think your favorite Teen and YA fantasy adventures, but for grown-ups. I loved it!
Fun! Ergh! Awesome!
Bold epic fantasy that takes myths, science, and legends, and creates an original cosmology that spills into the present day with action and surprises left and right. Fantastic.
I laughed out loud. A lot.
Outstanding imagery!
Get ready to have everything you thought about mythological beings and monsters turned on its head. Not only are those tales based on true events but those events have now spilled over into the present day.
Totally awesome, and so vividly realized.
A very believable alternative world that draws on mythology, with richness of detail and personal and epic struggles that drive the characters through the story and compel you to keep reading.
Masterful and mythical.
This imaginative story plunges its young protagonists headlong into a titanic struggle between good and evil that shatters everything they thought they knew about their families, their world and even themselves.
I love the descriptions.
The level of detailed research and linking in of historical tidbits in inventive new ways are evocative of The DaVinci Code’s Dan Brown’s twists on religious cults and secret societies, and together with references to a wide range of myths and legends, give the story a great depth that helps suck the reader in.
Don’t change a thing.
I’m exhausted.
But I’m, like — can’t... stop... reading...
No way!
Striking. Horrifying. Intense.
That was really nasty. And creepy.
What took you so long?
Uh oh...
Epic. Character driven.
And there’s a love story in there too, somewhere...
Something to delight (and offend) everyone.
When’s the next one gonna be done?
A deep and believable world with compelling characters. Funny, snarky and exciting. A really fun read.
In the mythic tradition of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, with graphic novel pacing and colorful ensemble reminiscent of Alan Moore’s The Watchmen, and the grand scope and narrative momentum of Grant Morrison’s graphic novel Seven Soldiers of Victory. It evokes the same sense of wonder as the Chronicles of Narnia, but for a more sophisticated reader of fantasy (and without the Christian allegory). Fans of the above, as well as those who loved Harry Potter, but grew up, will welcome this addition to the ranks of contemporary epic fantasy.
Fabulous quirky voice.
Outrageous and twisted.
I love it!
Then I’m like, whoa, wait a minute...
I really admire the carefully researched details apparent throughout the text, as well as the ability to create these wonderfully imagined characters, place them in the world, and compel the reader to want to read on and see what they’re up to next—I think that’s the greatest compliment that can be paid to any writer of fiction.
Wonderfully imagined characters.
Excellent storytelling. Imaginative and captivating.
Just the idea of it.
Creepy as hell. Beautiful. Really exciting.
Ashton pulls you in and takes you on a wild ride through an alternate reality that normally exists just beneath surface of the modern world but is about to erupt and threaten our very existence.
The re-interpretation of myths is original in style and approach.
I read a lot of this kind of thing, and Paternus is excellent. Ashton does a great job developing the characters. The villains are great, the overall writing style flows easily, and the writing on the action pieces is exceptional.
I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds in the next book.
I love Peter!
I really admire the carefully researched details.
It’s a real book!
I didn’t see that coming.
Yeah, that was a surprise.
Wait... what?!
He totally did!
You’d better get that next book done quick or I’m gonna kick your ass.
Okay, where’s book two?