Review of Chuck Wendig's Blackbirds

Sick, hilarious, no holds barred insanity! Incredibly well written contemporary psychic action-horror from Chuck Wendig, who obviously has no shame, no filter, and no flaws in his writing style either. Wendig doesn't fear taking incredible risks with language, potential political incorrectness (yeah maybe I made that up, whatever), downright nastiness or narrative style. Heart-thumping, in-your-face present tense, swiftly shifting POV and a seriously kick-ass (and totally f-ed up) main character in Miriam Black. Felt like I was literally ripping out the pages as I went, shredding through the prose, one page unable to hit the floor before I was done with another. Yeah, I liked it that much. Whiners can whine, wimps can blush, politicos shake their fists, but this is great fun stuff, and a tremendous read. You want something that will shock you, gross you out, thrill, embarrass, and get your pulse racing, while making you laugh at the same time, Blackbirds is your next read. Nuff said.