Announcing a Kickstarter for Rise of Gods Hardbacks!

On Tuesday, October 29, I will be launching a Kickstarter for hardbacks of Paternus: Rise of Gods, Book 1 of The Paternus Trilogy!

A whole lot of folks have asked me about hardbacks for Paternus, and author friends have been pushing me to do a Kickstarter for ages, so here it is! If this Kickstarter goes well, I'll be doing this for all the books in the trilogy.

Why Kickstarter? Production and printing of good quality hardbacks is expensive, and print-on-demand services like Ingram just don't provide the quality I'm looking for. This way, the costs are covered and we get really classy books - it's a win-win for everybody.

These will be cloth bound, foil stamped, with slipcovers, using the original paperback artwork with a few changes. I'm most excited, though, by the possibility of including a piece of interior art by the amazing Ed Binkley. Ed is world renowned for his fantasy illustration, one of my very favorite artists, and I got to meet and chat with him at DragonCon this year. Not only is he extremely talented, he's also a very friendly guy. You can check out Ed's amazing work at

Depending on the level of funding, we'll have a b&w sketch, a finished b&w drawing, or (fingers crossed) a complete finished color piece. And the character we've chosen is none other than The Prathamaja Nandana herself.

The hardcovers aren't the only cool items that will be available. Other levels and bonuses include:

  • Receive a Paternus: War of Gods eBook one month prior to release

  • Rise of Gods posters

  • Signed Rise of Gods paperbacks

  • Official, signed ARC paperbacks of War of Gods, received by release date

  • Rare and out of print original-cover paperbacks of Paternus from before it was even called Rise of Gods (quantities extremely limited)

  • and more!

I'll announce this again when the Kickstarter launches. I hope you're all as excited about it as I am :D