The Paternus Trilogy, Book 1


Latin and Biblical Greek

From pater ‎(“father”).

(Classical): /paˈter.nus/

paternus m ‎(feminine paternaneuter paternum); first/second declension

  1. Of or pertaining to a father, paternal, fatherly.
  2. Related through the father, or his side of the family, paternal.
  3. Of or pertaining to one's forefathers, ancestral.
  4. Of or connected with one's origin or birthplace, native.

The gods and monsters of MYTH WERE REAL.

Now, all across the globe, they're coming out of hiding and hunting their own. The final battle of the world's oldest war has begun.

Fiona Patterson and Zeke Prisco are suddenly swept up in these cataclysmic events when a group of very strange and frightening men attack the hospital for the aged where they work, looking for a catatonic old man named Peter.

In their attempt to save him, Fi and Zeke unwittingly embark on an adventure of myth and magic beyond imagination, space and time.

Thrilling, cinematic, funny and frightening in turns, Paternus: Rise of Gods is the critically acclaimed debut novel by Dyrk Ashton, and the first book in The Paternus Trilogy.

Paternus has been described as contemporary fantasy adventure, epic urban fantasy, and mythic fiction, and compared to works by such diverse and celebrated figures as Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon, Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Roger Zelazny, China Miéville, Grant Morrison, and Alan Moore.

The audience is Adult to New Adult, as opposed to Teen or YA, though savvy 16 or 17 year olds might survive without permanent damage.

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“Humankind has had its groundbreaking inventions, mighty wars, great nations and saviors’ births by which you mark your timelines of history. We Firstborn have also seen events that might seem resounding and important, and they were. Earthquakes that tore continents apart, volcanic eruptions and meteor strikes that shook the world and turned day into everlasting night. We have endured bitter glacial periods, mass extinctions and wars countable only by Father himself. Grand civilizations have risen, prospered for millennia then crumbled to dust. And yet, even the eldest among us gauge our lives in relation to four major occurrences: The Cataclysm, The First and Second Holocausts, as well as, of course, The Deluge.

“Now, if any of us survive, there will be this...”

Paternus: wrath of gods

The Paternus Trilogy, Book 2

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On the run from an ancient evil and his army of terrors straight out of myths from around the world, our young protagonists, Fi and Zeke, aid Peter in his globe-trotting quest to seek out the remaining Firstborn, uncover the enemy’s plans, and gather the Warriors of Old for what may become the final battle in the world's oldest war.

Along the way, Fi and Zeke discover that they, too, have strengths of their own--though they come at a cost neither may wish to bear.

Where are Tanuki and Asterion? What’s happened to Kabir and Cù Sìth? What new friends and enemies will they meet, and harrowing adventures must they endure? Who will be revealed as unlikely allies--or traitors? The answers are here...

chapter 1 of Book 2

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