Book Cover, Chapter 2, Reddit Fantasy AMA, Book Reviews!

Holy moly, so much big news!

The Paternus book cover is unveiled! Unbelievable artwork by the fabulous Lin Hsiang, and cover design by the equally fabulous Brie Rapp. See it HERE. (Hint - click on the cover and you can see the back too :)

CHAPTER 2 is up! (Chapter 1 is here as well, of course, if you haven't checked it out).

And this is really amazing - I've been invited to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on possibly the largest online community of Fantasy professionals and fans in the world - Reddit Fantasy (aka r/Fantasy)! I! Me! Yours truly! I still can't believe it. Calendar and more info HERE. Just scroll down to March 1. More information on what it's all about and what to do if you want to participate will be posted prior to the event.

And, I've posted humble opinions of some of my latest reads on the PBM Blog. Check 'em out, agree, disagree, curse my name, or just fawn silently :)

Thanks everyone! Back to writing, posting, napping. Okay maybe not napping. But maybe...

Thank you for your time and consideration.

All the very best,