My review of Arm of the Sphinx by Josiah Bancroft

Even more fascinating than Book 1. Prose and imagination that will set your head spinning in the best way possible. Bizarre, bold, and beautiful.

I was a pretty early reader of Josiah's first book in this series, Senlin Ascends, well before his trad deal, and was blown away by his prose, unique story and setting, and unfettered imagination.

Hard to believe for me, but I found Arm of the Sphinx to be even more fascinating. The characters are fleshed out in unexpected ways, new intriguing characters are introduced, the setting gets even more bizarre, and plot is even more bold. And more - he courageously wades into dangerous waters with choices in perspective (POV). Some call it "head-hopping," and nearly always derisively. I say 'Huzzah!' Witness it done by a true master of prose, and if you still don't like it or see its merit, well, sorry about that. I for one applaud experimentation, the different, the new (and the old made new again), the avant garde, if you will. Even if it doesn't work, I always greatly appreciate the attempt. In Bancroft's case, though, it works. It ALL works.

Now I'm dying to get my hands on The Hod King... DYING...