Chapter 3 Now Available! March 1 Reddit AMA, Book Trailer

Chapter 3 of Paternus Now Available

Three chapters now available at That's more than two and less than... less than 10! Read Chapter 3.

Dyrk's AMA on Reddit Fantasy: Tuesday, March 1st

Come grill me in the cyber-cage! An online AMA (Ask Me Anything) on perhaps the worlds largest forum of fantasy fans, Reddit Fantasy (r/Fantasy). I'll get rolling around 10:30 AM, and will be answering questions from around the world about, well, anything, throughout the day. I will be posting more info on how, when and where, throughout the week. Don't be afraid of Reddit - I'm afraid enough for everyone. Meanwhile, sign up for an account (just like FB or Twitter), bookmark it and poke around. (It's actually a lot of fun, and there are peeps on there who have forgotten more about fantasy books than I will ever know).

Ohhh! And there's going to be a book trailer!

Not sure exactly when, but the music is complete and all the artwork is done! Working on it now. Kind of a mood piece with black and white illustration, set to an ancient Celtic tune. It's gonna be sooo cool. I hope...

Thanks everyone!
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