Ch. 5, Goodreads Giveaway, Fantasticon Toledo, SFWA Conference!

Hi everybody!

So much new to announce! Things are continuing to roll with Paternus, and picking up speed. I feel like I'm in that snowball rolling down the mountain, getting bigger and bigger and going faster and faster. A little scary, but fun too (because I'm weird that way).

Chapter 5 Now Available!

Chapter 5 of Paternus is now available for download. This will be the last of the preview chapters to be offered before the May 1 release - but I hope you like it :)

Goodreads Giveaway!

April 1 - 15

Right now on Goodreads you can enter for a chance to win one of 25 personalized, signed, 1st edition copies of Paternus. Just follow the link above and scroll down to "Win a Copy of this Book." It appears to only be showing up on computers, not on phones, even if you have a Goodreads app, but if anybody discovers something different please let me know and I'll pass on the information. You also need to have or sign up for a Goodreads account.

Fantasticon Toledo!

Friday and Saturday, April 16 and 17

I've secured the very last available table at Fantasticon, described as "the ultimate comic book and pop culture experience!" These things are a blast. Table after table, booth after booth of comic book and sci-fi and fantasy  stuff. Great artists and authors, actors from your favorite TV series and movies - and this year - me and Paternus :)

I'll be selling and signing books, 2 weeks before they're released on May 1! (and don't forget ebooks are available for preorder now on Amazon and B&N, if you are so inclined).

ALSO, for the first time ever (and maybe the last), I'll be displaying memorabilia from Night of the Living Dead 1990 and Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo, as well as selling and signing photos of me from the films. Might have some other fun stuff too, digging around to see what I might find from Men in Black...

For more information check out the link above.

SFWA Conference, Chicago

May 13 - 16

Got my pass and train tickets and heading to Chicago for the big annual conference of the SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America - why only 1 'f' in the acronym, I have no idea ;) This is where they have the awards banquet and ceremony for the Nebula Awards (one of the most prestigious in the industry along with the Hugos). No, I'm not up for anything, BUT--

I will be rubbing elbows with most of the great names in Sci-Fi and Fantasy writing, attending nerdy panels and total geeking out, AND--

A SIGNING! They're letting me have a space with the big dogs to sign copies of Paternus! (Must not be all that picky is all I can figure :) That will take place Friday night, 8-9:30 pm in the Red Lacquer room of the conference hotel, the Palmer House Hilton downtown.

Well that's it for now, and plenty I think. Have a great day, and hope to see you at Fantasticon or even in Chicago.

All the very best,