The epic battles between titans, giants, and gods, heaven and hell, 
the forces of light and darkness. They happened.

And the war isn't over.

Wow! Great ideas vividly realised
— M. R. CAREY, bestselling author of The Girl With All The Gifts and Fellside.
Fast-paced, gloriously intricate
— Kirkus Reviews
Fascinating and stylish
— Fantasy-Faction
A wonderful book
— MICHAEL EASTON, critically acclaimed author of The Green Woman (w/ Peter Straub), Credence, and Soul Stealer.
Spectacularly entertaining
— Laura M. Hughes
Paternus brings it on
— Pornokitsch

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17 year old Fi Patterson lives with her stuffy English uncle and has an internship at a local hospital for the aged. She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, misses her dead mother, wonders about the father she never knew...



In print & eBook on Amazon. Audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Available for Kindle Unlimited.

About the Book...

What readers are saying:

  • Bold epic fantasy that takes myths, science, and legends, and creates an original cosmology that spills into the present day with action and surprises left and right. Fantastic.
  • What if the myths were real? Which is like Percy Jackson, but this takes it a whole lot further. Think your favorite Teen and YA adventures, but for grown-ups. I loved it!
  • Excellent storytelling. Imaginative and captivating.
  • A deep and believable world with compelling characters. Funny, snarky and exciting. A really fun read.




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